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German Bicycle Market 2014 - Pedelecs expand their market shares

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Numbers, data and facts on the German bicycle market 2014

Already in the first quarter of 2014, good weather conditions caused an excellent start into the new cycling season. That was the base for a successful business year. As before, customers are willing to pay a bit more for products of high quality and value. Furthermore, the trend of a health-conscious and active lifestyle continues. For a growing number of Germans, the bicycle has become essential, as a mean of transport and as sports equipment.

4 to 5 billion Euros annual sales / 4.1 million bicycles and e-bikes sold
The annual sales of Germany's bicycle, parts and component industry mounts up to estimated 4-5 billion Euros. The proportionate sales of bicycles and e-bikes gain 2.16 billion Euros, what implicates a 9.6 percent increase. Likewise, the bicycle industry could increase its sales quantity 7.0 percent, by selling 4.1. million bicycles.

In 2014, Germans invest 528 Euro for their new bikes on an average
With an average price of 528 Euro, the end-consumer spent a bit more for its bicycle (including e-bikes) than in the years before.

About the German Bike Association (Zweirad-Industrie-Verband ZIV)
Der German Bike Association (ZIV) (ZIV) is the national interest group and service provider for the German and international bike, e-bike, parts and components industry.

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