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Subsidy increases to 10 million euros

Funds for "Turn Assist System Funding Programme" to be doubled

Bundesminister Scheuer auf dem Beifahrersitz eines Lkw
Bundesminister Scheuer auf dem Beifahrersitz eines Lkw © BMVI

Since a Europe-wide solution is still being worked out, the BMVI has been setting national incentives for a voluntary commitment since 2018 with the “Turn Assist Scheme”. The BMVI is now launching an additional support programme for the voluntary fitting or retrofitting of trucks and buses with turning assistance systems. The aim is to prevent serious accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.

The new funding programme will have a volume of five million euros per year and is expected to run for five years. From 21 January 2019, applications for funding could be submitted. The demand for funding was enormous. The BMVI is therefore doubling the funding amount and providing a further 5 million euros this year.

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6. June 2019
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