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Framing the Third Cycling Century - Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice

Framing the Third Cycling Century - Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice
Framing the Third Cycling Century - Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice © Hrsg.: UBA/ECF Cover: Fotolia/sergio Cover: Fotolia/sergio

Framing the Third Cycling Century - Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice

There is a tension between research and practice in the field of cycling as well as in general in environmental policy. Numerous scientific publications and knowledge do not reach the practitioners who might benefit from them. Not only was the International Cycling Conference 2017 intended to tackle this deficit with a large-scale forum, but also this publication, which takes up and continues the discussion started there. The innovative concept of the triad, consisting of scientists, practitioners and experts, produces new perspectives. The authors come from all over the world, forming together an international mosaic that incorporates their particular perceptions and experiences.

Contents"Framing the Third Cycling Century - Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice"


  • How to approach bridging the gap: A reader’s guide (Katherina Grafl)
  • Framing sustainable mobility in practice and research – and rethinking 'Reverse Innovation' in the case of Active Mobility (Manfred Neun)
  • Framing for cycling practitioners and researchers (Manfred Neun)
  • The International Mosaic – A global perspective on Inventive Cycling (Manfred Neun; Heike Bunte)
  • Citations from the International Mosaic at ICC 2017 Mannheim
  • A practitioner’s view on bridging the gap – the City of Mannheim (Peter Roßteutscher)

Building the bridge: A discussion between research and practice

Cycling in every period of life

  • Cycling with a baby – What do young parents need after the birth of their child to continue biking? (Hannah Eberhardt; Anna Gering)
  • Get families to cycle more often by providing a family-friendly tricycle package (Karin Markvica; Christian Rudloff)
  • EXPERT COMMENT (Henrike Rau)


  • Gaps between the links – Understanding required changes to the fragmented cycling facilities in the developing world context (Marianne Vanderschuren; Jennifer Louisa Baufeldt)
  • Cycle paths – love them or hate them? Why do some cyclists prefer cycle paths and others cycle lanes? (Carmen Hagemeister; Maike von Harten)
  • EXPERT COMMENT (John Parkin)

Electric bikes and safety

  • Accident analysis and comparison of bicycles and pedelecs (Tina Gehlert; Sophie Kröling; Marcel Schreiber; Katja Schleinitz)
  • PRACTICE COMMENT (Ceri Woolsgrove)

Policies for promoting cycling

  • CicloviaSP – Promoting a sustainable bicycle program in São Paulo city (Suzana Leite Nogueira; José Evaldo Gonçalo)
  • Impact evaluation of cycling measures – exploring the state-of-practice in German municipalities (Julia Gerlach; Susan Hübner; Thomas Böhmer)
  • EXPERT COMMENT (Parvesh Sharawat; Anvita Arora)

Strategies to boost cycling

  • New strategies and digital applications to boost cycling (Tilman Bracher; Sebastian Bührmann)
  • Social practices and the importance of context (Peter Cox; Heike Bunte)
  • EXPERT COMMENT (Holger Haubold)

Planning with GPS data

  • From people to people – The self-benefit of crowdsourced cycling data as part of the European Cycling Challenge (Giuseppe Liguori; Marco Amadori; Francesco Iacorossi; Edoardo Marcucci; Andrea Simone; Claudio Lantieri)
  • RESEARCH COMMENT (Sven Lißner; Angela Francke)

Health and Active Mobility

  • Promoting active travel for all in European urban regions – A review of evaluated initiatives (Elise Schabus)
  • EXPERT COMMENT (Esther Anaya Boig)

Cargo bikes

  • TRASHH – Opportunities for E-cargo bikes in municipal waste and cleaning services (Britta Peters)
  • The Status Quo of cargo-bikesharing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Sophia Becker; Clemens Rudolf)
  • EXPERT COMMENT (Susanne Wrighton; Karl Reiter)

CONCLUSIONS (Katherina Grafl)

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17. December 2018
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