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Foundation of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ELCF) with more than 140 members

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The new foundation with its more than 140 registered members shows the broad, Europe-wide support by industry as well as by users.

More and more companies have recognized, that the implementation of cargo bikes not only reduces the pressure on crowded inner cities but saves money at the same time. The Dutch branch of the global parcel and logistics company DHL have subsidized 33 trucks trough 33 cargo bikes, annually saving 152 tons of CO2 and 430,000 Euro of operating costs. "In the Netherlands, 10 percent of our vehicle fleet are cargo bikes", explains Arne Melse from DHL Netherlands.

Dr. Randy Rzewnicki, ECF's CycleLogistics project manager argues: "Currently, we have a cargo bike boom. The large international logistic companies like DHL or TNT integrate bicycle in their business models for delivering goods. Because especially on the "last mile" up to 70% of the delivery costs arise. In that sector, cargo bikes can contribute to save money as well as to increase efficiency. Examples from practice show, that (cargo) bicycles offer a realizable solution, especially for young companies."

Abourt the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF)
The European Cycle Logistics Federation is a professional body which represents and supports the needs of cycle logistics companies across Europe.
The Federation is a membership organisation for:

  1. Established cycle logistics businesses (eg. delivery companies, couriers, pedicab operators, tradespeople, organisations which use cycles as part of their business operations, etc)
  2. Start-up businesses considering using cycles as part of their business operations
  3. Manufacturers and suppliers of cycle logistics equipment.
  4. Associates who have an interest in promoting the further use of cycles

The Federation is supported by CYCLElogistics, an EU funded project which promotes the delivery of freight by cycles and trikes.

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15. April 2014

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