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ForenZo encourages car drivers to use 'Electric Freeway'

Ein Fahrrad auf der Straße
© Doris Reichel

The connection for electric bicycles and motor scooters between Almere and Amsterdam will be completed later this year. By 2014, the collaboration between the municipality and ForenZo should lead to 200 extra commuters using the Electric Freeway and consciously leaving their car at home.

To encourage employees to switch their car for an electric bicycle or scooter various activities will be scheduled and collaborations will be set up with employers on the Almere-Amsterdam axis. Local bicycling entrepreneurs will be involved as well. There will be pilot projects with e-bikes and e-scooters and workshops for businesses. On top of the regular benefits ForenZo offers, such as free e-bike insurance and e-scooter discounts, there are financial benefits available for commuters ‘entering’ the Electric Freeway.


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19. January 2013
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