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Continous flow at 18 km/h

First green wave for cyclists in Bremen

bicycle traffic signals with green light
© Doris Reichel

First green wave for cyclists in Bremen - Continous flow for cyclists between Parkallee and Kennedyplatz – traffic lights show green at 18 km/h

The measure upgrades the main cycle route between the city centre and the university without affecting crossing public transport and motor traffic. At 18 km/h the Rembertistraße can be passed over An der Weite/Am Dobben and Rembertiring continuously. Before cyclists haven’t had the opportunity to cross both junctions without a stop. With more than 1000 cyclists per day the share of cycling is appreciably higher than the share of motor vehicles. The measure is one step of Bremen’s transport development plan 2025, more green waves for cyclist shall follow.

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14. July 2018
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Hansestadt Bremen; Der Senator für Umwelt, Bau und Verkehr
NRVP Action Area