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Between Böblingen/Sindelfingen and Stuttgart

First cycle highway in Baden-Württemberg

The Radschnellweg (cycle highway) Ruhr on the city limits of Essen/Mülheim
The Radschnellweg (cycle highway) Ruhr on the city limits of Essen/Mülheim © Hauswirtschaft / Wikimedia

The first cycle highway in Baden-Württemberg was opened at the end of May 2019 by State Transport Minister Winfried Hermann. Between Böblingen/Sindelfingen and Stuttgart, cyclists can travel eight kilometres without stress and traffic jams. An extension of the connection is to be investigated.

The new section is specially marked as a cycle highway: A white edge mark with a green line and a bicycle pictogram mark the cycle path. In addition to bicycle traffic, the four- to seven-metre-wide path will continue to be used as a mixed traffic area by pedestrians, explosive ordnance disposal vehicles, residents, forestry and other residents.

The total cost of the cycle highway is around 3 million euros. The state has supported the construction project with 1.1 million euros in accordance with the state municipal transport financing law. In order to ensure a safe connection for commuters in the forest, the state has also subsidised continuous lighting from special funds for rapid cycle connections for around 820,000 euros. In order to reduce light emissions and power consumption, the innovative lighting system is dynamically switched on and off as required by means of motion sensors.

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15. June 2019
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