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First bicycle track is being constructed in Kiev

© Stefan Korschikowski

"The length of the new track is 2 kilometers. It is 1,5 meters wide and totally segregated from cars and pedestrians traffic. Quality of the new bicycle road is unexpectedly good, and we have already said thank you to the road builders and engineers", - said Associations' chairman, Viktor Zagreba.

This is the first material implementation of the Kiev Bicycle Infrastructure Master Plan, which was developed and officially approved by City Council in 2007-2009 due to the pressure and lobbing efforts of the KCA.

The Plan calls for the installation in 2010-2012 of bike routes along the city's main roads and bridges across the Dnipro River, and several recreational bike paths. The total length of the planned bikeways is 162 km, which is 10% of the total length of all Kyiv streets. Approximately 98% of these bike routes will be physically separate from car traffic, guaranteeing maximum safety for bikers and making the bicycle a more accessible means of transportation for many residents.

According to the KCA data, there are about 15 thousands bicycle commuters in Kiev - a city with 3,5 million inhabitants.

Since 2006 - due to the credit boom - Kiev seriously suffers of traffic jams and lack of parking capacity. According to public opinion polls, traffic is the main problem in this capital city. However, until 2008, city hall didn't consider the bicycle a serious alternative to cars.

Two large bicycle parades are being conducted yearly - the Bicycle Day in May and Carfree Day in September. In May 2010, more than 3000 people gathered on the Kiev central street for a rally demanding better conditions for cycling.

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