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"E-bike & pedelec study

Figures, data and facts about e-bike buying, usage and lifestyle

Title of the study on e-bikes & pedelecs
Title of the study on e-bikes & pedelecs © internetstores GmbH / / Coverfoto: Serious

Together with the "e-bike the pedelec magazine" and the online magazine "Pedelecs & E-Bikes", as well as other supporters, has carried out a survey on pedelecs / e-bikes. There were around 20 questions to the users on the different e-bike topics. The questions were divided into the areas of e-bike purchase and e-bike use.

The survey on this study was spread over different channels and platforms. Approximately 1,000 participants between the ages of 20 and 70 years took part in the survey with slightly more male than female participants. The study participants came equally from rural as well as from urban residential areas. Approx. 50 percent of respondents regularly ride an electric bicycle. Only about 20 percent said they have never ridden any e-bike/pedelec.

The aim of the survey was to get an overview of the general opinion and wishes concerning the topic of e-bike.

Reasons to buy a pedelec

Among the respondents (around 50 percent) who already own an electric bike, 60 percent use it for leisure time or to improve their health. For 14 percent of them the pedelec is a supplement to the car and for over 12 percent even a car substitute.

The pedelec as an alternative to the car

More than 50 percent of respondents believe that the e-bike can at least partially replace the car. About 28 percent even think that the e-bike can replace the car largely in urban traffic. Only about 16 percent of respondents believe the car will not be used less due to e-bikes.

Cycle track, lane or special cycle path?

Almost 82 percent of respondents believe that e-cyclists can easily use cycle paths. About 11 percent believe that e-bikers should rather be on the road and a little more than 7 percent favouring special routes for e-bikers.

Local specialist retailers preferred

Four-fifths of the respondents prefer local specialist shops for the trial and purchase of an e-bike. The most popular are classic e-trekking bikes, with around 40 percent, followed by 28 percent of tour-e-bikes.

Long range is desired

As more than 60 percent of the respondents would like to use their bicycles for travel, excursions and tours the desire for long range is large. It is therefore not surprising that around 46 per cent of the respondents wish at least 80 km to 120 km of battery range, and for 19 per cent, even more than 120 km.

Contents of the study

  • The e-bike purchase
  • The different e-bike models
  • The visible and invisible e-bike
  • Battery life and intended use of e-bikes
  • Brands approval rate
  • The e-bike as an alternative to the car
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24. September 2016
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Die Studie entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit: / e-bike Magazin / Pedelecs & E-Bikes

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