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Federal Minister Scheuer attends the technical acceptance in Regensburg

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is paving the way for safe turn assist systems

Bundesminister Scheuer auf dem Beifahrersitz eines Lkw
Bundesminister Scheuer auf dem Beifahrersitz eines Lkw © BMVI

Today, Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer gave the starting signal in Regensburg for the first HGVs with turn assist systems which are eligible for funding to be operated on our roads: The technical acceptance of the first retrofitted turn assist systems is a decisive step to further advance the equipment of HGVs with such systems and to prevent accidents.

Scheuer: We are giving a boost to the retrofitting of HGVs and buses! We have created all prerequisites for the installation of safe turn assist systems. So far, three manufacturers have filed applications for the issuance of a general type approval. Two of these applications have already been confirmed. Thus, we now have safe systems for retrofitting on the market. Five other manufacturers are engaged in a close exchange with the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This is good news. From now on there is no excuse for not retrofitting HGVs. It is our joint responsibility!

This will also enable the “Turn Assist System Funding Programme” to gather further momentum. A system is eligible for funding if it has been given individual approval by an approved expert or a designated technical service or if it has a general type approval. Federal Minister Scheuer had launched the financial assistance programme of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the “Turn Assist Scheme”. It has been a great success: The funds available for this purpose in the 2019 budget had all been committed after only a few days. The Ministry is providing a total of 5 million euros to support the voluntary fitting of HGVs. It was possible to submit both applications for new vehicle registrations and applications for retrofit solutions on vehicles placed on the market before the fitting of turn assist systems becomes mandatory throughout the EU.

In July 2018, Federal Minister Scheuer had initiated the “Turn Assist Scheme” to speed up the voluntary introduction of turn assist systems. Since then, 44 official safety partners, including all the major supermarket chains, have joined the scheme. They are retrofitting their HGVs, thereby enhancing safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Last week, the Federal Motor Transport Authority granted the general type approval for the first two turn assist systems to the companies LUIS Technology GmbH and Wüllhorst Fahrzeugbau GmbH. Two haulage contractors, i.e. the Transportgesellschaft Doll KG and Edeka Südbayern, have already had their vehicles retrofitted with these turn assist systems. Today’s technical acceptance at the DEKRA branch in Regensburg ensures the correct installation of the systems. This proof is necessary in order to be eligible for funding by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

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1. April 2019
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