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Nationwide competition "climate protection in cycling"

Federal Environment Ministry funds model projects in cycling

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Cycling is a continuously growing trend, especially in cities. To meet the need for cycling roads, storage space, interactive traffic signals for cyclists or charging stations for e-bikes, in 2016 the federal ministry started the nationwide competition "climate protection in cycling". The first 24 projects already get its funding commitments this year. In total, they will get funds of about 27 million euros. Further projects from the competition in 2016 will get their funding commitments in 2017. Overall, the competition in 2016 funds projects with around 70 million euros.


The competition, financed by the BMUB Climate Initiative, aims to support cycling in making cycling easier and more safety – i.e. through enlarging road space for cyclists or support through easily accessible storage spaces for bicycles. Also firms transporting their goods with cargo bikes, investments in bikesharing projects for cargo bikes or charging stations for e-bikes could participate in the competition. All projects must be designed to reduce CO2 emissions and have to be transferable to other cities or firms. The model projects were funded with at least 200,000 Euro, the competition is open to municipalities, firms, public institutions and associations.

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27. December 2016
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