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European Mobility Week

EWM’s 2019 action map shows what is happening in Germany

Logo der Europäischen Mobilitätswoche
Logo der Europäischen Mobilitätswoche © EU-Kommission/UBA

European Mobility Week (EMW), a campaign of the European Commission, takes place every year from 16 to 22 September. Cities and municipalities from all over Europe offer hands-on activities and other events for more sustainable mobility on site. This year the focus is on walking. UBA's 2019 action map shows what is happening where in Germany.

Walking is the most natural form of transport - healthy and environmentally friendly. This is precisely why foot traffic is the focus of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK (EMW). Municipalities can use a variety of activities to show how important and invigorating walking is and what benefits it brings for health and quality of life.

Numerous German cities take part in the EMW with campaigns. UBA is the coordinating body for activities in Germany.

Map: What activities take place where in Germany?

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15. September 2019
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