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EU program SpiCycles looks for participating towns

SpiCycles, ein EU Programm für "Nachhaltige Fahrradpolitik für Städte" , ist eine Initiative der Europäischen Kommission und der Städte Rom, Barcelona, Berlin, Göteborg, Bukarest und Ploiesti.

SpiCycles, the EU program on "Sustainable Policies for Cities on Cycling". This program is an initiative of the European Commission and Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Gothenburg, Bucharest and Ploiesti.

Its core activity is promoting cycling in their cities with an emphasis on:

  • Introduction of bike-sharing schemes
  • Implementation of communication and awareness raising campaigns
  • Integration of cycling planning in the overall spatial and transport planning
  • Building local partnerships

Main impacts are expected on:

  • Cycling modal share
  • Energy consumption
  • Emissions
  • Attitudinal change
  • Local stakeholders involvement
  • Integration transport/spatial planning

One of Spicycles' ambitions is to benchmark 60 European cities and to publicize the results on the 'Interactive Spicycles Map for Cycling Planning', based on Google Earth.

The map will allow you to compare your city on a great number of indicators with other cities and with the average statistics in Europe. You will be able to print City Reports and 'City Benchmark Comparison Reports'.

Awards for Cycling Policy will be granted to cities in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and your city will have the opportunity to publicize itself and its cycling ambitions in particular on the 'Interactive Spicycles Map for Cycling Planning'. You will receive Technical Newsletters by e-mail and you will be invited to participate in a variety of meetings in the next three years. Participation is free for the duration of the project and the only cost in the project for you is travel and hotel cost if you attend meetings.

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2. June 2006

Pascal van den Noord / Deutscher Städtetag

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