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EU cycling project "Bike the track" completed in Münster

More than 100,000 cycling kilometres within six months - residents of Münster reach an impressive record

In April 2014 the EU cycling project "Bike the track" started its second period of action in Münster. Six fascinating project month, with more than 1,200 participants, numerous close individual results and an exiting competition for school classes followed. Phillip Oeinck from the City of Münster's planning authority strikes an absolute positive balance: "Out of all the participating European Cities, only Münster could brake the sound barrier of 100,000 cycling kilometres within six month. The citizens of Münster just are aware of the bicycle's advantages, knowing that no other means of transport is more useful."

Primarily, the project on sustainable energy saving in leisure traffic focused "only" 100 cycling-enthusiastic families. But during its realization an enormous broad effect occurred. One of the major reasons for that impressive success was the engagement of all in all 136 school classes. Pupils used their bicycles within their free-time, cycling to the shops, the cinema, to their sports activities, to music lessons or to their friends' houses. Thereby they became good role models for their parents.

In November all project stakeholders meet in Venice and decide, how the project will be continued in 2015.

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17. October 2014

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