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EU Commissioner for Transport to address Velo-city 2005

This is very significant. Together with M Barrot will be Ireland's Minister of Transport and other international speakers. Velo-city takes place in Dublin this year from May 31st to June 3rd 2005. At the last Velo-city conference in Paris in 2003, we had about 750 delegates from over 40 countries world-wide – all of who were involved in some way to increase the levels of cycling.

Who should go to Velo-city Dublin?

Velo-city Dublin 2005 is essential for planners, engineers, architects, transportation companies, local authority officials, bicycle users and politicians who want to learn more about sustainable transportation, land use, city planning and technical design, where the bicycle is the central theme and springboard for debate.

Anything special about this Velo-city conference?

The Dublin conference includes first-class speakers from around the world, and is the first summertime Velo-city conference. The host city, Dublin, is at the centre of Ireland's economic surge, and is tackling the problems of rapid expansion through an integrated transportation strategy. The conference will be looking at the role of the bike within that strategy, as well as bicycle transport developments from around the globe.

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7. March 2005

Pascal J.W. van den Noort / Executive Director Operations Velo Mondial

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