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Erste italienische Fahrradkonferenz war großer Erfolg

The first national bicycle conference took place in Milan from Nov. 9-11, organised by the Ministry of the Environment and the Province of Milan. Partners of the events were FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta, FCI (Federazione Ciclistica Italiana) AICC (Associazione Italiana Città Ciclabili), Euromobility and ANCMA, the association which brings together Italian manufacturers of bicycles and motorbikes. It's the first time that these associations worked together to promote cycling in Italy.

The conference was structured following the example of Velo-city with a plenary session and 18 workshops, which were attended by more than 800 people. Several foreign delegates, among whom ECF President Manfred Neun, gave a speech, as well as many experts and politicians. Among the results of the conference there is the engagement of the Ministry of the Environment to create a National Bicycle Bureau, which will set up the Bicycle Master Plan and the Italian Bicycle Network called Bicitalia connected to Eurovelo. The other requests concern amendments to the Highway Code in favour of cycling, economic resources to be allocated by the Government and new initiatives to foster amateur cycling among young people. The Ministry of the Environment, urged by FIAB, will put forward the candidature of Italy to host the 2011 edition of Velo-city.

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23. November 2007

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