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ECF and PRESTO-Project publish fact sheets on cycling

Schreibtisch mit Ausdrucken, einer Brille und einem Bleistift
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The documents are available in English for free download:

Information about the fact sheets:

  • Infrastructure planning
    The Infrastructure planning Policy guideline and 15 Fact sheets core topics are:
    design of bicycle network, implementation of bicycle parking plan (residents, schools, events), interchanges and bicycle stations.
  • Promotion of urban cycling
    The Promotion of urban cycling Policy guideline and 9 Fact sheets core topics are:
    events, training and education, information, competitions, local partnerships, lobbying, marketing and promotion planning, cycling and large-scale events.
  • Promotion of pedelecs
    The Promotion of pedelecs Policy guideline and Fact sheet core topics are:
    advantages, target groups, potential, test tracks and demonstrations, professional use of electric bicycles.

The PRESTO-Project:
PRESTO is supported by the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme.

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