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Documentation of the third nationwide workshop on cycle highways published

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The nationwide "Cycle Highways Working Group" is part of the "Cycle Highway Ruhr" feasibility study. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure commissioned the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) to conduct the analysis.

Crossings, parallel routing, and linkages of cycle highways
The documentation and all powerpoint presentations are available as an online package (approx. 85 MB) (in German) zu finden. Im Folgenden sind die Dokumente einzeln verlinkt.

A broad description of the results (4,7 MB) is available here (in German).

The "Cycle Highway Ruhr" feasibility study can be downloaded from the RS1 webpage (in German).

The major results:

  • The RS1 is technically realisable.
  • It will be 101 kilometres long-
  • The potential demand is high: 1.8 million people live within a 2 kilometre zone of attraction.
  • The building costs for the RS1 are estimated by 184 million Euros. The major part of that money will be used for bridges.
  • The cost-benefit analysis identified a ratio of 4.8.
  • The federal government is interested in promoting innovative projects. It will support the RS1 construction process within the scope of its possibilities.
  • The federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia and the municipalities are requested to finance those parts of the RS1, for which the federal government cannot be responsible.
  • All parts will meet for clarifying financial issues as soon as possible.

Source and further information: (in German)

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6. November 2014

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