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Sustainable mobility on offer for employees

Deutsche Bahn provides employees with company bike

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Successful start of the new mobility offer - contribution to environmental protection and health promotion - complementing sustainable mobility opportunities for employees

On 1 September, DB extended its mobility offer for employees by a company bicycle. 145,000 employees and executives in Germany are now able to choose their preferred bicycle from around 2,500 specialist dealers - whether it is a racing bike, a folding bike or an e-bike.

The new offer has started very successfully. Already in the first week more than 540 employees have ordered a company bike. Another 1,836 prospective customers have signed up.

It is particularly attractive for the employees that they do not have to pay the DB-bike completely at once as it would be the case with a private purchase, but they are financed in 36 monthly rates. After this, they have the possibility to return the bike or to purchase it by paying the remaining balance. As the monthly installments are deducted from the gross salary, the employees also save on taxes.

The employer-financed service package provides a free annual inspection. Integrated anti-theft insurance protects against theft and vandalism. With e-bikes it also includes battery damage. The bikes may be used for business and private purposes.

With the company-bike, the DB manifests its claim to be a top employer and environmental pioneer: per every kilometer travelled by bicycle compared to the car, around 140 g CO2 can be saved. For example, if an employee drives ten kilometers a day by bike instead of by car, he saves the atmosphere 350 kg of CO2 each year.

Cycling also promotes health: half an hour of cycling consumes an average of around 200 kcal and, according to the World Health Organization, reduces myocardial risk by at least 50 percent.

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14. September 2016
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