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Service bicycle program for 17,000 employees in Germany

DB Schenker motivates employees to ride their bicycles

Dienstfahrräder © Kreisverwaltung Düren

DB Schenker has launched a service bike programme with the help of company bike solutions. In addition, the employees are called upon to leave the car on a total distance of almost 770,000 kilometres for the benefit of the bicycle over the next two years.

In 2012, company bicycles were treated in the same way as company cars. As with company cars, employees can now save up to 40 percent of the new price when purchasing a bicycle or e-bike by converting their salary into a company bike or e-bike. In addition, they make a valuable contribution to their own health and more flexible, sustainable mobility by commuting with the Company Bike. The Company Bike can also be used privately. company bike solutions supports DB Schenker in creating a correspondingly attractive, universally digitalised offer for its 17,000 employees in Germany. Among other things, the offer includes a company bike portal tailor-made for DB Schenker for the selection of over 2,000 bicycles, its own mobile repair service and regular kick-off events with test bikes on site at the various DB Schenker locations.

Company Bike users at DB Schenker can voluntarily enter their covered commute kilometres in a tracking tool in the DB Schenker employee portal of company bike solutions. Extrapolated to all Company Bike users at DB Schenker, this means that the ambitious goal can be met.

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4. December 2018
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