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"Danish Cycling Embassy" opened – a new kind of embassy pools knowledge about bicycling

Press release by Cycling Embassy of Denmark on 12.5.2009: New embassy meets demand for cycling knowledge

A new and unusual embassy is opening today - Cycling Embassy of Denmark. The embassy has been established to meet the increasing demand to promote bicycling around the world.

For more than a century Denmark has been a country of cyclists. Today, Denmark is a cycling laboratory where new trends and ideas are combined with knowledge gained through years of experience.

Cycling Embassy of Denmark gathers the best information from the private, public and non-profit sectors in an effort to be the primary source of cycling knowledge and products. The embassy comprises experts in city planning, infrastructure, cycling promotion, parking facilities, bicycle tourism, biking equipment and much more.

The interest in promoting bicycling in cities around the world is greater than ever.
“No other single activity can simultaneously improve general health conditions and fitness, reduce pollution and CO2 emissions and help tackle congestion. That is why countries around the world now want to re-introduce the bicycle as a means of daily transportation” says Lise Bjørg Pedersen, Secretary of Embassy.

Many city planners, politicians and NGOs around the world begin from scratch when trying to build up a bicycle culture. One of the main goals for Cycling Embassy of Denmark is to share the experiences from Denmark and facilitate the development of attractive cycling cultures around the world.

The embassy will be launched at the Velo-city conference in Brussels on Tuesday 12 May at 13:00. The Danish Ambassador to Belgium, Jørgen Molde will be opening the exhibition in area 29.

For more information take a look at or contact Secretary of Embassy Lise Bjørg Pedersen (phone: + 45 6171 5015, e-mail:

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12. May 2009

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