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Cyclists urged to take care at junctions

Cyclist in London
Cyclist in London © Harry Schiffer

Posters will be displayed at hundreds of sites around the city encouraging riders not to travel up the left-hand side of large vehicles at junctions and traffic lights.

TfL is also introducing new 'Safer London Driving' training for lorry drivers, which includes tips on how to improve the safety of cyclists, as well as encouraging people to sign up for TfL-funded adult commuter bike training.

Taking to two wheels in London has become safer over the last decade, with the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured falling by a quarter.

This is despite the amount of journeys made on bikes rising to about half a million a day.

However, safety around Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) is still a concern as almost half of all cyclist fatalities on the Capital's roads involve lorries.

Thirteen of the 23 riders killed in London since January 2009 were involved with collisions with HGVs.

Ben Plowden, Director of Better Routes and Places at TfL, said: 'Our new awareness campaign makes it clear that cycling in a lorry's blind spot can have fatal consequences.

'Adult cycle training is a great way to improve confidence and to develop the skills needed to keep cycling safely and comfortably throughout the winter, I'd urge anyone who cycles or who is thinking about cycling in London to give it a go.'

He added: 'We hope that the introduction of the new Safer London Driving training for lorry drivers, which increases cycle awareness, will also help to remind HGV drivers of the road issues cyclists face.'

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26. October 2010

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