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ZIV Semi-annual Trend Barometer

Cycling industry optimistically – electrification of all model groups in progress

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ZIV Trend Barometer for the first half-year 2018: German bicycle industry with good seasonal business. Only the cold march in the first quarter reduced buying mood of consumers.

The dynamic trend in the e-bike market over the last years is assumed to be continuous and ZIV expects about 800,000-900,000 sold units until end of 2018.

This trend bases not alone on the electrification of all model groups, on attractive products concerning design or the development in motor and battery technology. Also innovative business models, i.e. leasing models or in logistics support the popularity of e-bikes.

Not only the e-bike is responsible for the positive market development, also a lot of technologic innovations foster strong demand for products of the German bike industry. Digital interconnection of components and accessories support the bike as an mobility champion (i.e. by navigation and anti-theft protection) or an high-tech sports equipment through performance diagnostics or controlling.

230,000 jobs - 16 billion euros

The complete bike industry (tourismus included) provides about 230,000 jobs. 50,000 jobs are in the production and trade of bikes, components and bike parts with sales about 16 billion euros.

Der Zweirad-Industrie-Verband e.V. ist die nationale Interessenvertretung und Dienstleister der deutschen und internationalen Fahrradindustrie. Dazu gehören Hersteller und Importeure von Fahrrädern, Fahrradkomponenten, Zubehör und E-Bikes.


The Zweirad-Industrie-Verband, ZIV (two-wheel-industry-organization) is the national and international representative of the German and international bicycle-, e-bike and accessory industry.