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German Bicycle Award 2018

Cycling district in Bremen - #Bikeygees - Berlin’s Bicycle Referendum

Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis - Best for bike
© Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis

Prices were awarded in three different categories. The following projects and persons were awarded:

Cycling-friendliest decision, infrastructure

  1. Germany’s first cycling district (city of Bremen)
  2. Donaubrücke Deggendorf (city of Deggendorf)
  3. Extension of comfort cycle paths (Nordhorn)

Cycling-friendliest decision, service

  1. #Bikeygees e.V. (integration of migrant women)
  2. Intercommunal quality management for cycle paths in the Oberberg district and in the Rheinisch-Berg district
  3. A bike for all purposes – an e-bike marketing concept for commuters (district Rhein-Sieg)

Cycling-friendliest decision, communication

  1. Volksentscheid Fahrrad: Berlin dreht sich! – Deutschlands erstes Radgesetz " (Berlin’s Bicycle Referendum – Germany’s first bicycle act)
  2. The inofficial site of the cycle superhighway Ruhr – fanzine of he RS1
  3. Veloversity – an e-learning platform for students and teachers

Cycling-friendliest decision, communication

Photo competition, motto "my bike is able to ..."

  • 1. price film: Christoph Grote
  • 2. price film: Marc Krug
  • 3. price film: Hans-Gerhard Bichel
  • 1. price photo: Anton Scholtalbers
  • 2. price photo: Ulrich Nußmann
  • 3. price photo: Anja Merk

Winners of the film and foto competition (in German)

All projects 2018 (in German)

For fotos see (in German).

The nationwide competition "German Bicycle Award" is a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), in cooperation with the AGFS, the bicycle industry association (ZIV) and the Service and Bicycle Association (VSF). It supports the realization of Germany's National Cycling Plan (NCP).

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23. February 2018
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