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Constituent session of the Parliamentary Circle on Cycling

Konstituierende Sitzung des Parlamentskreises Fahrrad
Konstituierende Sitzung des Parlamentskreises Fahrrad © Gero Storjohann

Constituent session of the Parliamentary Circle on Cycling in the German Bundestag

The constituent meeting of the Parliament Circle Bicycle took place on 20.02.2019 in the German Bundestag. Chairman Gero Storjohann (CDU) opened the first session of the Parliamentary Circle on Cycling together with his colleagues from the other parliamentary groups Mathias Stein (SPD), Dr. Christian Jung (FDP), Andreas Wagner (Die Linke) and Stefan Gelbhaar (B90/Grüne).

The first session was devoted to the promotion of cycling. More than 50 participants discussed and listened to a very interesting lecture by Karola Lambeck, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology's Commissioner for Cycling, on the subject of federal cycling promotion.

The focus was on the numerous funding opportunities and initiatives of the federal government, as well as the significant increase in funds for the promotion of cycling in 2019. In particular, the newly created title for investive model projects amounting to 20 million euros will create clear functional advantages for cycling.

The meeting marked the start of four further meetings scheduled for this year. The Cycling Alliance currently consists of 44 parliamentary members and numerous guests from interest groups.

The launch of the new working group will put the importance of cycling for modern and urban mobility in Germany politically in the foreground across the political groups.

Gero Storjohann drew a positive balance: "In the lively discussion at the meeting, it became clear that much had already been done for cycling, but that there is still a need to give it the same status as other forms of mobility. We in Parliament will work together on this."

Taken together, the BMVI's support for cycling this year amounts to more than 200 million euros:

  • 98 million euros in cycle path construction and maintenance on federal trunk roads (a total of approx. 17,000 km)
  • EUR 1.3 million upgrading of service roads on federal waterways for the use of bicycles
  • 2 million Euro German Unity Cycle Route
  • 5 million euros in funding for turn-off assistance systems in trucks to prevent accidents with cyclists when turning right
  • EUR 5 million support for non-iinvestive projects to implement the National Cycling Plan
  • EUR 20 million to support further innovative projects supporting cycling
  • 75 million euros in financial aid for cycle highways of the federal states and municipalities (including 2017 and 2018 expenditure leftovers)
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23. February 2019
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