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Beiträge der Konferenz Velo Mondial 2006 im Internet verfügbar / Velo Mondial 2006

Conference proceedings available via Internet Download

Zum Abschluss der Konferenz wurde von den Teilnehmern per Akklamation eine "Cape Town Declaration" verabschiedet. Darin heißt es:

The 350 delegates from 41 countries attending the third Velo Mondial conference, in Cape Town, South Africa, March 5th – 10th 2006, agreed that all spheres of government, civil society organisations, and the business sector be urged to work together to promote and deliver safe and increased levels of cycle use. To that end, delegates demand that the best practice that already exists must be harnessed at a now greater speed and urgency to achieve a better future by:

  • Reclaiming public space so as to improve quality of life
  • Improving the integration of cycling with other sectors such as: health, public transport, environment, and economic generation
  • Facilitating greater access to high-quality technical expertise on cycling
  • Ensuring political commitment for an increased role for NMT in economic nd community development
  • Planning to retain and encourage the small scale and mixed function of community districts and make these as accessible as possible to the bicycle
  • Building the capacity of community-based organisations and supporting NGOs in order to promote NMT
  • Engaging the business community in providing healthy workplaces
  • Urging Velo Mondial to develop strategies and work with all agencies to ensure that cycling is promoted in international programmes, and to report back to the next Velo Mondial conference

Finally, the conference calls on all communities to set a ceiling target for private motorised transport usage by investing in NMT.

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Die nächste Velo Mondial 2012 soll in Asien, Australien oder Süd-Amerika stattfinden.

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21. March 2006

South Africa
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