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Project "EBikePendeln" (commuting with e-bikes) in Berlin, Germany

Commuters cycled 150,000 km with pedelecs

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The project "EBikePendeln, initiated by the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development and the Environment as part of the promotional programme called "Electromobility showcase", aims to find out under which conditions employees are using an e-bike on their way to work and how a modal shift from using a car to using an electric bike can be pushed.

Within the project on half of their ways to work, commuters use an electric bike. From July 2014 to September 2015 325 commuters from selected companies in Stahnsdorf, Kleinmachnow and Teltow (municipalities in the southwest of Berlin) took part in the project. During 36 weeks they could use different electric bikes and pedelecs for all their daily trips. On more than the half of their ways to work they shifted from using their car to an electric bike.

The project also showed, that it is cost-effective to use an electric bike instead of a car on the way to work. Roughly calculated, the investment in an electric bike at medium price range is refunded within six month compared with a car.

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