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Parliamentary evening of ZIV, VSF and ADFC

The commercial relevance of bicycles in Germany

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Main message of the event: The economic factor of the bicycle is underestimated very often, although cycling is very trendy and on the fast lane. More and more people ride their bicycles in everyday life as well as in leisure time. The bicycle is long ago an important economic good, which saveguards about 280,000 jobs.

Facts to bicycle industry - industry, trade, tourism: The commercial relevance of bicycles in Germany

Did you already know...

  • that Germany is the largest market for bicycles in Europe and that there are also 72 million of bicycles (cars: 44 million)?
  • that Germany sells 4 million bicycles every year including more than a half a million e-bikes?
  • that the German bicycle industry exported about 1,19 million bicycles and e-bikes in 2014?
  • that each of the 4 largest bicycle manufacturers in Germany sells more e-bikes than the whole automotive industry with their e-cars?
  • that the worldwide largest bicycle fair is located in Germany?
  • that lots of small and medium-sized enterprises are world market leader and hidden champions of bicycle components?
  • that the German high standard norms have been transferred to worldwide safety standards and that in Germany are working many inaugurated experts for bicycles?
  • that the bicycle market is one of the few industries with a market share of 80 percent from the total volume of permanent retail sale?
  • that only Germany offers high quality standards for bicycle mechanics?
  • that 4 million Germans made their journey by bicycles and stayed for at least 3 nights?
  • that Brandenburg's total turnover in the tourism industry is produced up to 25 percent (850 million Euros) by bicycle tourism?
  • that in Germany 153 million day trips and 22 million overnight stays are generated by domestic and foreign bicycle tourists every year?
  • that every year 9,2 million Euros gross sales, including travel cost and investments for bicycle tourism are transacted in Germany?
  • that the German bicycle industry is responsible for 278,000 jobs and 16 billion euros turnover?

The organizer ZIV, VSF and ADFC:

  • The Zweirad-Industrie-Verband, ZIV (two-wheel-industry-organization) is the national and international representative of the german and international bicycle-, e-bike and accessory industry.
  • The Verbund Service und Fahrrad VSF (association service and bicycle) is a non-profit trade association of the bicycle industry. The association has 300 members, like bicycle dealers, manufacturers, wholesaler, service providers and non-profit-organizations.
  • The Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club ADFC (German Cyclists' Federation) is the largest representative of cyclists in Germany and worldwide with more than 150,000 members.

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6. November 2015

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