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International Cycling Conference 2017 in Mannheim

Clear statement to active mobility

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At the end of this years birthday celebrations “200 years of cycling” the international cycling congress (International Cycling Conference; ICC 2017) take place in Mannheim. Experts from Latin America, Africa, Australia, India, USA, China and a lot of European countries discussed about the challenges of mobility. A clear statement to active mobility and its implementation through an increase of cycling and walking had been made. It will be good for all through less noise and dirt, the reduction of accidents and traffic jams. Furthermore, body motion saves money of the health care system – i.e. already one out of four children get enough body motion during the day.

Partner of the ICC 2017 and the UBA were the EU research project PASTA (Physical Activity Through Sustainable Transport Approaches), THE PEP (Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme), the city of Mannheim, ECF (European Cyclists' Federation), Difu (Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik) and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit). So, also ICC 2017 showed: To be successful in active mobility requires many parties.

European Mobility Week

The conference was embedded in the European Mobility Week which fosters clean, shared and intelligent mobility, as encapsulated by the slogan 'Sharing gets you further'. Every year since 2002 many towns and cities from all over Europe participate during the mobility week in September. The campaign sought to influence mobility and urban transport issues, as well as improve public health and quality of life. It also gives people the chance to explore the role of city streets, and to experiment with practical solutions to tackle urban challenges, such as air pollution. In 2017 more than 2500 towns and cities in Europe participated (cf.

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23. September 2017
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