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City of Düsseldorf installs bicycle lockers for improving the intermodal link between cycling and public transport

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The bicycle lockers are operated by the social enterprise "Zukunftswerkstatt Düsseldorf" (Future Workshop Düsseldorf). That organization supports long-term unemployed people, re-integrating into the labour market.

The access to the boxes works with an electronic locking system and a chip card (ISIGO). Those cards are available at Düsseldorf's main station upon presentation of the identification card and leaving a 20 Euro deposit. After paying that fee, the chip card is charged for the desired time of usage. The lockers can rented per day (0,80 Euro at least), per month (8 Euro) or for a whole year (80 Euro).

The 29 lockers from the first pilot phase cost 132,000 Euro. That includes all costs for the boxes as such, the pasting film, the electrical connection and the location's constructional preparation. The regional transport association VRR awards a 1,500 Euro grant for each locker.

Further information: Düsseldorf mit dem Rad entdecken (in German)

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Origial presse release (in German)

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29. October 2014

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