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Cycling more popular than ever in the corona crisis

CITY CYCLING 2020 with record-breaking result - 115 million kilometers for climate protection

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Cycling more popular than ever in the corona crisis - World's largest bicycle campaign CITY CYCLING ends with record result

A total of 545,988 participants from 1,482 municipalities got on their bikes for Climate Alliance's international CITY CYCLING campaign, setting new records. Between May and October 2020, they covered more than 115 million kilometers, avoiding almost 17,000 tons of CO2 compared to car travel.

When public transport became unattractive due to the corona crisis and individual mobility gained in importance, the bicycle in particular enjoyed increased popularity. Many people had to restructure their daily lives in the wake of the pandemic and discovered the bicycle for themselves. "Not only did we see a strong increase in participants in city cycling this year, municipalities also reported to us a significant increase in cycling," says André Muno from Climate Alliance.

Muno hopes that the new enthusiasm for cycling will continue beyond the pandemic. Some cities have already responded to the change in traffic behavior of their citizens* with innovative and pragmatic approaches such as pop-up bike lanes. "I would like to see this solution-oriented approach continue. After all, sustainable growth in cycling mode share can only be secured with a well-developed cycling infrastructure," says Muno.

The most successful municipalities of the CITY CYCLING campaign will be awarded by Climate Alliance on February 1, 2021. Due to the corona pandemic, the award ceremony will take place online.

CITY CYCLING is an international campaign of Climate Alliance and is supported by partners Ortlieb, ABUS, Busch + Müller, Stevens Bikes, MYBIKE, Paul Lange & Co, WSM and Schwalbe.
CITY CYCLING: With its international competition CITY CYCLING, Climate Alliance invites all citizens and members of local parliaments to take to the pedals and set an example for increased cycling promotion. In teams, they are to collect as many bicycle kilometers as possible for their municipality on 21 consecutive days between May and October. The campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens for cycling in everyday life and to bring the issues of bicycle use and cycling planning more strongly into local parliaments. With the reporting platform RADar! and the research project Movebis, CITY CYCLING also includes two elements that aim to improve the cycling infrastructure in a very concrete way and with the involvement of citizens.
THE CLIMATE ALLIANCE: For 30 years, Climate Alliance member municipalities have been working with their indigenous rainforest partners to protect the world's climate. With more than 1,800 members from 27 European countries, Climate Alliance is the world's largest network of cities dedicated to climate protection and the only one that sets concrete goals: Each Climate Alliance municipality has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by ten percent every five years. Since our lifestyle has a direct impact on particularly threatened peoples and places on this earth, Climate Alliance combines local action with global responsibility.