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Bicycle as measuring vehicle for quality assurance of cycle tracks

Brandenburg records the condition of cycle tracks on national roads

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Already in the years 2013/14 the quality of the cycle tracks on federal roads was registered. The detection was performed with a pedelec. This bicycle with electrical support is equipped with a navigation system, a device for vertical vibration measurement and a camera, which provides insights into the condition of the surface of the cycle tracks. In case of damage, conclusions can be drawn about the urgency and extent of repair measures. Simultaneously the camera records the width of the cycle path. The average mileage per day is about 58 kilometers.

Once the registration of the condition has been completed, all recorded data and images are evaluated and the cycle tracks are assigned to different quality categories. This is the basis for the planning of maintenance measures for the road agency of the State of Brandenburg.

The status of the cycle tracks along federal roads 2013/2014 had the following results:

  • very good (< 1.5) = 60 %
  • good(1.5 to < 2.5) = 20.2 %
  • sufficient (2,5 to < 3,5) = 8.1 %
  • poor (3,5 to < 4,5) = 4.9  %
  • very bad (4.5 and worse) = 6.8 %

Cycle track network

  • Length of cycle tracks along federal roads: 964 km
  • Length of cycle tracks along national roads: 1.037 km
  • Length of cycle tracks along county roads: 334 km

The touristic network of long-distance routes is about 4,000 kilometers long.

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29. August 2016
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