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The Bikability Toolkit – an internet tool to promote cycling

Das "Bikability Toolkit" wird im Rahmen der Initiative TravelSmart Australia angeboten, einer gemeinsamen Initiative der Regierung Australiens und der State and Territory Governments, die Menschen ermutigen soll, statt einzeln im Auto zu fahren z.B. Fahrgemeinschaften zu nutzen oder Fahrrad zu fahren.

Aims of the Bikeability Toolkit:

  • To provide a simple, easy to use checklist that identifies barriers and opportunities to create physical environments which encourage cycling, and provides further resources
  • To allow local government to assess its strengths and identify areas where improvement can be made to encourage and promote cycling.
  • To provide ideas and 'easy to access' resources for further information.

The Bikeability Toolkit is available for download in two formats - as interactive Microsoft Excel files, and as PDF files that can be printed and filled in offline:

TravelSmart Australia brings together the many community and government based programs that are asking Australians to use alternatives to traveling in their private car.

TravelSmart programs by Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments ask people to make voluntary changes in their travel choices, encouraging people to use other ways of getting about rather than driving alone in a car. For example - using buses, trains and ferries, carpooling or by cycling or walking, or by tele-working.

TravelSmart is essentially a voluntary program that aims to inform and motivate people for changing their traveling behaviour through personal choice. It does not involve any form of regulations, fees or taxes directed at compelling changes in travel behaviour.

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24. March 2006

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