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Mobility in Hesse in Lockdown

Bicycle triples traffic performance compared to 2017

Radfahrer und Fußgänger
© Doris Reichel

Mobility in Hesse in Lockdown

Overall, mobility in Hessen is now almost back to where it was before the corona lockdown - but there has been a significant shift in the share of transport modes in the distances traveled: The share of public transport has halved by five percentage points to five percent, but more people are walking (+ 6 points to 25 percent). The car improved slightly from 52 to 55 percent. These are the initial results of a study by the Science Center Berlin (WZB), in which Hesse is participating.

The data was obtained in May 2020 through telephone surveys and with the support of a voluntarily usable app. This also revealed that bicycles tripled their mode share compared to the same year in 2017. Although its share of the number of trips fell slightly from 10 to 8 percent, the average trip length grew to 6.9 kilometers. Recreational use increased particularly sharply, with 45 percent of bicycle trips attributed to this purpose - five times more than in 2017.

Significantly more intensive use of bicycles can also be seen for shopping, while the share of trips to work was low during the lockdown. The bicycle was thus primarily a means of transport for shopping or errands as well as a fitness and leisure device during the corona crisis.

Minister of Transport Tarek Al-Wazir promoted participation in the study using the tracking app MOBICO: "We need valid mobility data. This is the only way we can develop tailored mobility offers and make the traffic turnaround a success. The app collects this data anonymously. No one can be monitored with it."

The MOBICO-App is available at Google Play-Store or Apple App-Store.