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Simplifications for cycling

Austrian State Chamber approves StVO (Road Traffic Regulations) amendment

Cycling in parallel
© ELTIS / Harry Schiffer

Austria: Federal Council gives green light for pilot tests on right turns at Rot - State Chamber approves StVO (Road Traffic Regulations) amendment

Turning right at red can be tested in future on the basis of pilot tests. A corresponding amendment to the Road Traffic Regulations, which also contains simplifications for cycling, was approved by a majority vote of the Federal Council on 14 February 2019.

The 30th StVO amendment now lays the legal basis for the experimental testing of right turns with red and brings for it also a corresponding new traffic sign. Other new features include simplifications for bicycle traffic, such as clearer regulations concerning the use of cycle paths, the introduction of a zipper system at the end of cycle paths or changes to the rules of conduct for cyclists. It is also made clear that children aged nine who have successfully passed the relevant examination will receive a cycling licence.