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Right turn on red in Denmark

Also in Denmark cyclists are allowed to turn right on red lights

Right turn on red in Denmark
Right turn on red in Denmark © Verkehrsministerium Dänemark (Vejdirektoratet)

Since September 1, 2016, this signposted regulation which allows cyclists’ red turn on red  has been extended indefinitely.











  • The intersections are marked by a road sign which allows the right turn on red for cyclists.
  • Cyclists should look carefully at other road users before moving on.
  • Cyclists must give way topedestrians and cyclists crossing the road.
  • Cyclists must pay particular attention to children, elderly and physically disabled people who may have difficulties with reaching the other side of the road on time.
  • Cyclists who want to continue their journey straight ahead should be careful to keep the track for cyclists turning right.
  • Also pedestrians should be prudent and considerate at such junctions.