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Velo-city 2015

ADFC presents German Cycling Embassy®

Screenshot des Online-Angebots der Deutschen Fahrradbotschaft
Screenshot des Online-Angebots der Deutschen Fahrradbotschaft ©

At the leading global conference on cycling, the Velo-city 2015 in Nantes, the German National Cyclists' Association (ADFC) presented its concept for a German Cycling Embassy for the first time. With this platform, Germany's leading role in cycle tourism and the bicycle industry is to also be strengthened and better marketed internationally.

ADFC National Director Burkhard Stork: "When it comes to everyday cycling, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the leaders – Germany has a great deal of catching up to do on this front. Yet when it comes to cycle tourism, we are in the lead! Germany is the number one travel destination for cycle tourists, with more than 12 million overnight stays per year. It also shouldn't be forgotten that countless German bicycle and component manufacturers are global market leaders, and many German cities and regions are referred to the world over as examples of good cycling practices. We are therefore taking the initiative – and invite the German bicycle scene to join forces to present our cycling nation."

Learning from European neighbours
Based on the Danish and Dutch cycling embassy models, the German Cycling Embassy is to offer a platform on which the German cycling nation can present the expertise offered by its companies and institutions internationally. Besides the relevant federal ministries and foreign trade promotion initiatives, manufacturers, street furniture providers, bike sharing enterprises, transport companies, bicycle retailers, associations, leading cycle tourism regions and long-distance cycle routes, tourist organisations, tour operators, research institutes, cities, urban planning offices, and institutions campaigning for sustainable mobility and traffic safety constitute further potential members of the embassy.

The number to call for the German cycling nation
The German Cycling Embassy is to become "the number to call for the German cycling nation" – and to be presented at international trade fairs and events as well as in the media. Within Germany, it is to communicate international developments and trends to further develop the German cycling nation. The first official presentation of the German Cycling Embassy is planned for the Velo-city 2016 in Taipei. Please see for more information.

Background information on the German cycling nation
There are 72 million bicycles and pedelecs in Germany – almost twice as many as there are cars. Over the past decade, the proportion of cyclists in cities such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt has more than doubled. In 2008, the modal share of cycling in the national average was ten per cent. The federal government has set itself the goal of increasing this to 15 per cent by 2020 in its National Cycling Plan. In 2014, Germany's national rail service, Deutsche Bahn, transported around 717,000 bicycles – a more than five per cent increase on the previous year. Cities such as Munich ("Radlhauptstadt" campaign), Karlsruhe ("Tu's aus Liebe" campaign), and Potsdam ("Zwei Jahre für den nachhaltigen Verkehr" campaign) are highly committed to promoting cycling. Münster, Bremen and Freiburg have been known as "cycling cities" for decades now.

The ADFC regularly collects cycling data
With the ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis ("ADFC-Radreiseanalyse"), the German National Cyclists' Association compiles important market data on cycling holidays every year, and determines the most popular long-distance cycle routes in Germany and worldwide. The findings from the latest survey can be viewed in the online dossier on the 2015 ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis.

The ADFC Cycling Climate Test ("ADFC-Fahrradklima-Test") is the only scientific tool in the world to evaluate the cycling climate. Over 100,000 cyclists participated in the last survey. Further information is available in the online dossier on the Cycling Climate Test and the interactive map of Germany.

About the ADFC
With more than 150,000 members, the German National Cyclists' Association (ADFC) is the largest association for cycling advocacy in Germany and worldwide. It advises on all cycling-related matters: legislation, technology, and tourism. The ADFC is politically active on the regional, national, and international levels for the consistent promotion of cycling.


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