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Traffic rules and communication in traffic

ADFC film project "Cycling with 7 senses"

ADFC-Filmprojekt "Mit 7 Sinnen Radfahren"
ADFC-Filmprojekt "Mit 7 Sinnen Radfahren" © ADFC Landesverbände Berlin und Brandenburg / Youtube

Among other things, safe cycling presupposes that all road users are familiar with the rules. Traffic accidents can often be avoided, although the causes are complex. In 2018, the ADFC Landesverband Brandenburg e. V. completed the film project "Mit 7 Sinnen Radfahren"

("Cycling with 7 senses"), which was launched jointly with the ADFC Landesverband Berlin e. V. (Berlin Regional Association). 3 films and 15 short films inform about the proper behaviour of all road users in road traffic.

The film project is intended to reduce language barriers and provide information on traffic rules in Germany. The focus is on the integration and consideration of all people in road traffic. The films are translated into English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish and subtitled.

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16. December 2018
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