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7th Fifth Anniversary of vélo'v in Lyon / 5th Anniversary of vélib' in Paris

Ein Fahrrad auf der Straße
© Ralf Winkler

In Summer of 2007, bike-sharing went from a little known progressive initiative in a few cities into a World Transportation Phenomenon with the introduction of Vélib'.

Vélib' arrived with 11,000 bikes in 750 stations in Paris. Though Paris was not the first - and is now not the biggest - bike-share city, it sparked the revolution that has brought these systems to over 450 cities around the world.

Within five years, Vélib' riders have accumulated 130 million trips - with average 110,000 trips every day. The system quickly expanded to 18,500 bikes in 1,700 stations to cover all of Paris and the first ring of its suburbs within 1.5 km. Now there are 224,000 annual subscribers to the system and millions and millions of day passes are sold yearly.

Vélib' was modeled after vélo'v in Lyon, France.

Subsequently, the Chinese mega systems, the North American bIXI and B-cycle systems and the big European systems were all modeled after Vélib'. World bike-sharing success owes a lot to the success of Vélib'.


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21. July 2012

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