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Cycling in Europe

3. Velo-city 2009-Newsletter published


Excerpt of the newsletter

Cycling in Europe

Cycling in Europe is a multifaceted phenomenon. Some countries experience a living bicycle culture where cycling is a natural means of daily transport carried out by a large proportion of the population. In others, cycling is just sports or almost only done by the children, elderly and less-wealthy. Between these extremes there are many shades of grey....

Ghent, city of knowledge and (bicycle) culture

Ghent is establishing itself as a "city of knowledge and culture, accessible to all". But in 1994 at the start of the Ghent Cycle Plan, Ghent also wanted to bring about a genuine “bicycle culture”. The bicycle is involved as much as possible in the organisation of activities. By forcing through a cycle campaign the city has succeeded in this...

Liège, symbol of mobility

Liège is also the symbol for bicycle policy in Wallonia. This policy has a pioneering role in two areas: in the area of green routes with the RAVeL-network for slow transport (Réseau Autonome de Voies Lentes) and in the educational sphere with the cycle certificate...

The team of experts as the heart of the programme committee

The programme committee is responsible for the content development of Velo-city, for finding speakers for the plenary and subplenary sessions, and for the poster presentations. In order to receive as many suggestions as possible for potential speakers, it has been decided to work with a programme committee that is as large and as diverse as possible...

Velo-city 2009 - Practical information

  • Charges: Complete programme from 12 – 15 May 2009 (per person): Standard Delegates: 800 Euro. Members of ECF or of a Belgian cycling association: 300 Euro
  • Per day (per person): Standard Delegates: 250 Euro. Members of ECF or of a Belgian cycling association: 150 Euro

120 Keynote speakers

For the Velo-city 2009 programme we can already announce the confirmation of different keynote speakers from the European Commission, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and many other important organisations, cities, cyclists’ associations, bicycle industry and the academic world. 90 important speakers have already confirmed their participation...

In total, four plenary and 28 subplenary sessions will take place and about 120 speakers are invited. In addition 100 posters will be selected for the Velo-Expo poster exhibition before 31st March. The call for posters was closed on 15 February. More than 250 abstracts were submitted. By 15 March the authors of the poster abstracts will be informed whether their poster is selected for the poster exhibition ...

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5. March 2009
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