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Bikes on public buses within the Higher Elbe Transport Association (VVO)

2,400 bicycles carried in 2014

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Gabriele Clauss, marketing director within the Higher Elbe Transport Association reports: "During the past year 2014, 2,400 cyclists carried their vehicles by the bicycle buses. 17% percent more than the year before." The buses equipped with a bike trailer are in operation since 2007, each year between Easter and the end of October, at weekends and public holidays. They run through the 'Saxon Switzerland', around the Elbe river as well as between Kamenz, Hoyerswerda and the Lausitz Lake District. Even for the starting 2015 season, the VVO could document a high demand.

Within the VVO area, bicycle bus services started in 2007. After some adjustments during the first years, a regular network has been fixes. Its core areas are the 'Saxon Switzerland', the Elbe valley and Lausitz Lake District. Bus drivers help to load the bicycles on the trailers, made for 20 vehicles.
There is even a bus connection between Pirna in the Elbe valley and the Czech town of Tisá, operating seven days a week.

Booklet with tour suggestions (in German)

Further information and tips for tours are published in German in the booklet "Unterwegs mit dem FahrradBUS".

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