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2019 Bicycle Brand Contest announces competition winners

Logo des Bicycle Brand Contest 2019
Logo des Bicycle Brand Contest 2019 © Rat für Formgebung

Whether it's a technical gadget, practical accessory or sustainably produced bike – the bicycle industry is constantly evolving. For a long time, it is clearly differentiating itself based on brand and design.

The Bicycle Brand Contest is an acknowledgement by the German Design Council of excellent product and communication design in the industry and offers companies a unique international platform to present and position themselves effectively in the media and the public.

The award is aimed at companies in the bicycle industry and their partners in the supply industry, in the design and communications industry. With unrestricted use of the winner label, tailored media strategies and marketing communications campaigns, it attracts attention to the winning companies and to the whole industry.

Winners of the 2019 Bicycle Brand Contest

  • Best of Best 2019: Van Gogh Path (luminous cycle track in Nuenen-Eindhoven); M1 Spitzing Evolution (E-Bike); GEOS Gravel (Pedelec); Lumos Matrix (intelligent cycle helmet with integrated bright LED lighting at the front and rear)
  • Winner: Norco Portree (bicycle bag); SQ-Short (pants collection); UVEX Quatro Integrale (helmet); EFFEKTOR® 4.0 Bike (pants); X-Bionic® StreamLite 4.0 Bike Jacket; AIW XWARM JKT 2.0 (jacket); Airstreem Graveller (race bike); Maserati MC Trofeo (e-bike); Ultimate C8+ HMB (pedelec); Arroyo C8 HMB (pedelec); ESAS (electronically-controlled and adaptive suspension system); PaoBike 80. (fusion of scooter and balance bike); PaoBike 90X.; BicycleDudes (sustainable bike shelf made of wood); MEASY (self-balancing system for e-Bike); SHIFTIC (mechatronic and automatic shifter for bikes); BluBrake (bicycle ABS – personal safety assistant); VELOSOCK (bicycle all around cover); GA3 (bicycle gripf); ST Core Prime (bicycle seat); Ralf Bohle-Schwalbe (e-Bike-tire campaign); Nur Bikezeit im Kopf (launch campaign); PAONA Brand Design

The awarded products can participate at the German Design Award 2020.

Further information on the 2019 Bicycle Brand Contest:

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The German Design Council, experts for brands and design in Germany, bestows the Bicycle Brand Award. Commissioned by the highest authority to represent new developments in the German design industry. Established on the initiative of the German Bundestag (the constitutional and legislative body at the federal level of the German parliament) in 1953, it supports the industry in all matters consistently aimed at generating added brand value through design. Today, the foundation has more than 200 members, including designers, corporations, associations and institutions.
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3. November 2019
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