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CITYCYCLING ("Stadtradeln") competition 2015

130,000 participants cycled 25 million of kilometers

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Every year more than a hundred of municipalities participate in CITYCYCLING and cycle for more climate change on the 21 successive days of the competition. With fun and enthusiasm they promote sustainable mobility and bicycle traffic.

In 2015, 130,000 participants from 23 communities participated and cycled nearly 25 million km which equivalents a saving of 3,500 tons of CO2. Even members of the local parliaments collected as many bike kilometers as possible during three weeks.

The municipality winners in three categories are:

The most cycling active municipal parliament:

  • 1st place: Thaining with 333.8 km (9 of 9 parliamentarians cycled 3,005 km altogether)
  • 2nd place and best newcomer: Ingolstadt with 231.5 km (46 out of 51 parliamentarians cycled 13,089 km altogether)
  • 3rd place: Gunzenhausen with 143.1 km (24 out of 25 parliamentarians cycled 3.727 km altogether)

The most cycling active municipality with the highest rate of cycled kilometers (absolute):

  • 1st place: Dresden with 1,077,011 km and 155,090 kg CO2 saving
  • 2nd place: Leipzig with 1,068.340 km and 153,841 CO2 saving
  • 3rd place: Hanover Region with 939,685 km and 135,315 kg CO2 saving
  • Best newcomer: Ingolstadt with 819,914 km and 118,068 kg CO2 saving

The most cycling active municipality with the highest rate of cycled kilometers per inhabitant:

  • 1st place: Thaining with 30.6 km per inhabitant
  • 2nd place: Unterdießen with 18.4 km per inhabitant
  • 3rd place: Weßling with 1.,7 km per inhabitant
  • Best newcomer: Finning with 12.8 km per inhabitant

In 2015, CITYCYCLING was a huge success, preparations for 2016 already started. Municipalities will be able to sign up again from spring time 2016.
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