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2016 ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis

11 percent more touring cyclists

2016 ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis
2016 ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis © ADFC

Bike tourism becomes increasingly attractive. 4.5 million German citizens went on cycling holidays with about 31.5 million overnight stays. This corresponds to approx. 10 percent of the whole domestic tourism. The amount of touring cyclists increased about 11 percent compared to the year before (2014: 4 million). Additionally there were about 150 million day trips on bikes. These facts and further findings by the 2016 ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis were been presented on the ITB travel trade show in Berlin.

4.7 billion euros spent on bicycle travels

According to earlier sales figures surveyed in 2007 by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, overnight visitors spent approx.  2.3 billion euros on lodging, board, and entertainment, while day guests spent approx. 2.4 billion euros in 2015.

About ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis

The 2016 ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis is a representative survey among more than 6000 German citizens. In 2016 it had been conducted for the 17th time. The online survey was held in winter 2015. A "bicycle travel" is defined as a journey  where cycling is the key motivation and with at least three overnight stays.