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Cycle highway between Kleve (NRW) and Kranenburg to Nijmegen (Netherlands)

11-kilometer-long "Europa-RadBahn" opened

Die Europa-Radbahn: Eine Einladung zum Radfahren
Die Europa-Radbahn: Eine Einladung zum Radfahren ©


As one of the winners of the "Climate protection through cycling" competition, the 11-kilometer-long express cycle route received federal funding of 70 percent. The project was completed in only two and a half years, from the approval of the subsidies to the opening on 7 June 2019.

Of the total costs of around 6.5 million euros, the federal government will pay 4.3 million euros (70 percent funding-quota). A further 921,000 euros (15 percent funding-quota) will come from funds provided by the NRW Ministry of Transport. The two municipalities involved, Kranenburg and Kleve, will provide the remaining 1.3 million euros.

The new route measures around 11 kilometres on the German side. 4.67 kilometres are located in the Kleve urban area, 6.45 kilometres lead through the municipality of Kranenburg. The route is at least three metres wide. At the traffic lights along the route, cyclists are usually given a green light when they reach the traffic lights (automatic detection in advance). On some crossings - for example on the B9 - there may still be short stops. The principle of priority of bicycle traffic over motorised individual traffic applies.

In parts, in the evening and at night the route is illuminated glare-free and largely prevent insects and bats from approaching.

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9. June 2019
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