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Velo-city 2020

Velo-city 2020 in Ljubljana
Velo-city 2020 in Ljubljana ©
2. June 2020 to 5. June 2020
City of Ljubljana // ECF // Slovenian cycling network
Event location
Convention Centre Ljubljana

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Velo-city 2020 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Welcome to Velo-City 2020 in Ljubljana!

After Arnheim - Nijmmegen, Rio and Dublin, Velo-City 2020 will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 2-5 June 2020.

Velo-City is the world's premier cycling summit in the area of cycling as a mode of Transport, Cycling Infrastructure, Bicycle Innovations, Bycicle Safety and the social and cultural changes driven by cycling on a global scale.

What can you expect:

  • Disseminate High Quality Information and Knowledge of Cycling
  • Showcase Best Practices from Cities Around the World
  • Encourage Greater Use of the Bicycle Through The Recognition of Cycling as a Mode of Transport
  • Integrate Cycling into All Relevant Policy Sectors
  • Exchange and Networking with Steakholders Around the Cycling Crowd

Who will be there?

Universities/Academia, Decision-Makers, Local, Regional And National Governments, International Institutions, Civil Society Organisations And Local Cycling Associations

Thematic focus

The thematic areas are changing slightly from year to year, taking into consideration all the discussions we have with stakeholders who are sharing their view on the most relevant topics for the future of cycling.

About Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a vital city which is developing with a clear vision, putting the quality of life at the forefront. Although, with 280.000+ residents, it does not rank among the major European capitals and large cities, it combines in fact many facilities and services of a metropolis with the relaxed ambience and safety of smaller towns.

Tourism and catering represent an increasingly important economic sector in Ljubljana. Both the infrastructure and services have experienced a visible growth and quality development over the last decade. Future city projects and announced investments in the tourism and hospitality industry are aimed at further enhancing the destination’s offer.

Slovenian capital Ljubljana was awarded the European Green Capital 2016 title. The European Green Capital title is putting Ljubljana on the map as one of the European cities that are aware of the significance of environmental and social sustainability and are taking concrete measures to address issues in this field.

See you in Ljubljana 2020

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25. June 2019
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