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Das Fahrradportal zum Nationalen Radverkehrsplan bietet eine Vielzahl aktueller Forschungsergebnisse, Praxisbeispiele, Neuigkeiten und Literatur zum Fahrradverkehr national und international. An dieser Stelle finden Sie vierteljährlich eine aktuell aufbereitete Online-Publikation zu einem besonders nachgefragten Thema aus dem Bereich des Radverkehrs.

End of a cycle lane
Fearless cycling

Stress-free, comfortable and, above all, safe - anyone who gets on a bicycle wants to feel as comfortable and protected as possible on the streets. Perceived safety is one of the key factors when it comes to the decision whether to ride a bike or not as an everyday means of transport.

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Unterwegs mit dem Fahrrad
Using synergies successfully

Cycle tourism has been very popular in Germany for several years. Apart from the tourism industry, there is also another winner: utility cycling.

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Deezer Nextbike (Öffentliches Fahrradverleihsystem der Stadt Berlin) und „neue“ Anbieter am S-Bahnhof Anhalter Bahnhof
Municipal focus on public bike sharing schemes

A brief analysis of some practical examples shows that municipalities that make use of the opportunities offered by bike sharing can minimize potential risks and contribute to the development as a whole.

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A broken bottle on the cycle path
Fast and consistent removal of dirt and deficits

Shards, potholes or missing signposts are a nuisance on cycle paths and may, depending on their type and extent, represent a serious safety risk for cyclists. Special attention should thus be paid to the maintenance and cleaning of cycle paths.

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Cycling children
Using bicycles for organising everyday life

The mobility of families varies greatly and is characterised by complex trip chains. A common challenge is to make daily trips as efficient as possible and to combine them in order to maximise the remaining time that families spend together. Therefore, many families opt for a car. But there are other ways if the offer is right.

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The Bike Citizens Heat Map of Cologne
Providing a realistic picture of bicycle traffic

Digitalization comes with new opportunities for cycling planning. Special traffic models and extensive data collections make it possible to better address the requirements of cyclists.

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Zweirädrige Bullits von DHL und Fahrer Berlin
The (re)discovery of cargo bicycles

Cargo bicycles have great potential to replace motorized transport, in particular in urban areas. There are many potential uses of such bicycles both in the private as well as in the commercial sector.

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Fahrradwerkstätten als Kommunikationsplattform für Flüchtlinge
Pedalling towards integration

Mobility is a prerequisite for social inclusion. The bicycle provides refugees with low-cost mobility, extends their range of action and also offers an opportunity for social exchange in numerous cycling projects.

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OpenCycleMap section of Hamburg
The right tracks to reach your destination

Cycle maps give a good impression of the cycling infrastructure of a municipality or region. Individual routes can be planned using cycle route planners with increasingly optimized functions.

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Cycle superhighway in London
Cycling made fast and straightforward

With high-speed cycling links, more attractive, safer and, above all, faster cycle routes can be created, especially in urban rural areas. They can help to increase the modal share of cycling and motivate commuters to switch to bicycles.

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