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Mobility and road safety education

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The Kennisplatform Verkeer en Vervoer [Transport Knowledge Resource Centre] analysed the potential of the pedelec for commuting to all major cities in the Netherlands. Certain locations can expect a 20% increase in cycling due to the advent of bicycles with electric support.
30. January 2013 | Nachrichten > Niederlande
The Cycle to Work Scheme provides an affordable solution to reducing commuting costs helping some employees save up to 42 per cent of the cost of a new bike and safety equipment.
29. January 2013 | Nachrichten > UK
Mädchen mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs
Cycling Expertise
File of the Week , S-6/2012: Children on Bicycles – Pupil surveys continue to show that children and adolescents want to use their bikes; but parental safety concerns and inadequate traffic situations often put a stop to these wishes.
20. January 2013 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Kinder mit Fahrrädern auf dem Schulweg
Cycling Expertise
File of the Week , S-2/2012: Cycling to School - Cycling to school is great fun; it is healthy and environmentally friendly. Children and adolescents must be able to get to school safely; this can be ensured by infrastructural measures, communication and the active participation of the young...
6. January 2013 | Nachrichten > Deutschland, Europa / EU
Abgestellte Fahrräder
Many commuters that work in Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, live in the surrounding municipalities and thus have a long drive ahead of them before they get to work. So, the City of Aarhus has come up with a new project that invites commuters to exchange the last part of the drive with a...
10. December 2012 | Nachrichten > Dänemark
Mit dem Rad zum Einkaufen
The influence of the consumer on climatic changes caused by complete processing chains – the Consumer Carbon Footprint (CCF) – may be larger than has been thought.
18. October 2012 | Nachrichten > Hessen, Deutschland
Gesundheitsförderung und Rad fahren

Cycling offers positive health benefits to almost everybody. However, the type of cycling and level of intensity people engage in varies from person to person. Especially for people with little time for exercise, cycling to work is a good opportunity to integrate physical activity into day-to-...

1. October 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Radverkehr in Berlin

The cycle mode share is an important indicator for the relevance of cycling in a city/town or municipality. It is influenced by a variety of factors. In order to underpin and evaluate political measures, sound methods are needed to assess and explain bicycle use.

1. September 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Pressefoto zur Schweizerischen Kampage "Bike to work"
This project is directed towards companies, whose employees are invited to participate during the month of june.
11. July 2012 | Nachrichten > Schweiz
Radfahrer auf einer Sternfahrt
Cycling Safety
Keynote Presentation at Velo-City Global 2012
1. July 2012 | Nachrichten > Weltweit


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