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Electric mobility

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Akku eines Pedelecs
To provide a comfortable and practical solution for consumers and trade, ZIV and GRS Batterien developed in 2010 a nationwide take back system.
29. July 2014 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Akku eines Pedelecs
Cycling Portal Focal Topic 2014/1
Addressing practitioners, actual research evidence, good practice examples and background information around the issues of pedelecs have been concentrated within the online publication (in German)
15. June 2014 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
A pedelec in front of a super market
3. June 2014 | Schwerpunktthema >
Ein Fahrrad auf der Straße
From now on, the 2,500 jobholders can purchase a "JobRad" via their employer and benefit from attractive conditions.
5. March 2014 | Nachrichten > Baden-Württemberg
Detail eines Pedelecs
According to a current representative survey, the expenditures for new bicycles constantly raised - since 2008 by 6.4% annually. In 2014 the market will grow further - not at least due to innovative bicycle types, like the pedelec.
24. February 2014 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Ein Fahrrad auf der Straße
In the context of climate protection, noise reduction, and air quality control, consistent promotion of cycling is considered as suitable traffic planning approach.
1. February 2014 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Display am Pedelec
A short report about a sub-project, funded within the "Model Region for Electro-Mobility RheinMain", is now published in the science magazine "Forschung Frankfurt" (Research in Frankfurt)
10. January 2014 | Nachrichten > Hessen, Deutschland
Akku eines Pedelecs
During the last decade, Dutch cyclists not only cover longer distances by bike. Likewise the number of people using the bicycle has increased significantly. For the most part, those developments can be attributed to the electric bicycles boom.
5. November 2013 | Nachrichten > Niederlande
print of table columns
European Union
In 2012 - for the first time - the European statistical office Eurostat reports import figures of pedelecs and draws conclusion on the number of pedelecs sold in the EU.
18. August 2013 | Nachrichten > Europa / EU
The new clause 1, paragraph 3 of the Road Traffic Act came into force on 21 June 2013.
22. June 2013 | Nachrichten > Deutschland


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