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Electric mobility

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The project carvelo2go launched by swiss cargo-bike initiative "carvelo", the Mobility Academy and by the promotion fund "Engagement Migros" is now available in the second city in Switzerland.
30. March 2016 | Nachrichten > Switzerland
Logo des Projekts E-Bike-Pendeln
Project "EBikePendeln" (commuting with e-bikes) in Berlin, Germany
The project "EBikePendeln, initiated by the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development and the Environment as part of the promotional programme called "Electromobility showcase", aims to find out under which conditions employees are using an e-bike on their way to work and how a modal shift...
1. December 2015 | Nachrichten > Berlin, Brandenburg
The minimization of climate relevant emissions through pedelec usage is especially large where frequent or long distance car trips are replaced by using a pedelec.
2. November 2015 | Nachrichten > Germany
Germany: pedelec cyclehighway Göttingen: Comfort bike route with width of 4 m.
The official opening of the first e-cycle superhighway in Germany took place on the 2nd of October in Göttingen.
4. October 2015 | Nachrichten > Lower Saxony
Ein Lastenfahrrad im Schnee
Project PRO-E-BIKE
The project "promoting electric bike delivery", supported by the EU, developed an e-bike simulation tool which calculates costs and benefits of a switch from (delivery) vehicles with conventional engine to vehicles with "clean drives"
6. August 2015 | Nachrichten > European Union
Pedelecs in Germany
At the European day of cycling on 3rd of June 2015, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports, that at the beginning of 2014 about 1.2 million private housholds (3.4 percent of all housholds) in Germany owned an e-bike. In total 100 households owned 188 bicycles.
3. June 2015 | Nachrichten > Germany
Modal split year on year and by area category
24. April 2015 | Schwerpunktthema >
Numbers - Data - Facts
In 2014, the bicycle sector registered double-digit growth rates within its category e-bikes/pedelecs. Compared to the year before, the sales quantity could be increased by 17 percent up to 480.000 articles. Within the annual overall market, the share of e-bikes has reached 12 percent. So there are...
18. March 2015 | Nachrichten > Germany
German Insurance Association
Within this project, aspects of mobility and safety behaviour of cyclists were investigated. Core of this methodological approach is the instrumentation of bicycles with cameras and other sensors to observe riders over a specified period of time, to capture riders, "normal" cycling and mobility...
6. October 2014 | Nachrichten > Germany
print of statistic material
The German Bike Association (ZIV) assumes, that in Germany about 2.8 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold to end-consumers between January and July 2014. That implicates a four percent increase in comparison to the first half of 2013.
29. August 2014 | Nachrichten > Germany


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